Objectives of Civics for All:

  • To hyper-boost Seattle School District K-12 students’ academic achievement, civic knowledge, and engagement by motivating and empowering students with lessons in all academic disciplines that are presented in timeless civic/ethical/political frameworks.
  • To have the absolute broadest base of buy-in to the initiative that is possible – teachers, administrators in the schools and downtown, parents, NGOs and CBOs, politicians locally/city/state, the business community, and students!!!
  • To encourage, empower, and support all non-social studies teachers to see that “civics across the curriculum” is just as essential as “math across the curriculum” or “reading and writing across the curriculum” are.
  • To provide great resources for teachers and students interested in civics and leadership, like UVA’s Youth Leadership Initiative.
  • These resources will include ready to use electronic lesson plans for each discipline at each grade level that will be on the district’s Fusion page in the Civics for All folder.
  • To create a “Civic Culture of Learning” in our schools where teachers and all personnel lead the joint effort to study, discuss, and enact educational and institutional policies that celebrate timeless civic norms like justice, civility, truth, engagement, and virtue.
  • To very intentionally implement a school-wide shift to a “culture of civic virtue,” via language, posters, rituals, routines, to improve school wide civility, civic norms, heightened participation in extra-curriculars, connections to outside class civics activities, etc.
  • To get students excited about deepening and extending their own personal set of core values, beliefs, and principles about the great issues of justice, ethics, and morality.
  • To keep it real – to help kids honestly and authentically develop their unique civic identities and to apply their personal principles and beliefs about civic duty and government in solving social and political problems locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To facilitate district wide mock elections and student voter registration drives.


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