• The Civics for All Initiative was first presented to the Seattle School Board by a dozen Franklin High students in the spring of 2011. See above video.
  • We seek adoption from Superintendent Banda and the School Board this fall and hope to implement the proposal in the 2014-2015 school year.
  • The six-plank proposal is student-centered, teacher-friendly, and virtually turnkey for administrators.
  • As such, Civics for All offers a set of curricular structures and requirements designed to facilitate integration of civics lessons into almost any standing lesson in any discipline, but especially in the social studies.
  • The proposal is minimally prescriptive and gives teachers options for infusing civics into their current or new units.
  • Recent controversies in Seattle public schools (the MAPS test boycott and the federal investigation of racially disproportionate discipline numbers) highlight the need for much greater understanding of democratic processes and improved communication between all members of our school communities. A “civic culture of learning” can and would facilitate more effective discourse on issues like these for students and adults alike.
  • Citizenship Education Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (CEA).  In late September of 2019,  I ineludibly thought of  and developed my brand new idea and  argument for a CEA.  I am currently seeking news/media publication for this concept as of October 2019.

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