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The Birth of Civics for All

In the winter of 2011, 11th graders in my U.S. history classes at Seattle’s Franklin High School had the political experience of their lives during the 10th annual legislative service-learning project and trip to the state Capitol in Olympia.

When they returned they wrote our district administrators asking them to make sure all future high school kids had the same political experiences and opportunities.

Their idealism compelled me to write the Civics for All Initiative.

In the spring of 2011, a dozen of these students and some former pupils of mine ventured to the Seattle School Board to testify on behalf of the Civics for All proposal in front of a packed audience (see video above).

They wrote the letters and offered the testimonies not for points or grades, but because their sense of honor and civic duty makes them feel obligated to look out for others in the community, especially those younger than themselves.

— Web Hutchins