12. Service Learning

” Service Learning”

Service-learning is a crucial component of the Civics for All Initiative.  Often called applied civics, service-learning can be transformative, especially for at-risk kids on the wrong side of the achievement gap.  The Seattle School District has a strong service-learning tradition which is headquartered at Cleveland High School and directed by Lois Brewer. Service learning dovetails directly with civics education and has been well recognized by Superintendent Banda.

Some of the best websites for service learning are:




Legislative Service: Two Approaches to Learning:

  • TVW’s Capitol Classroom is a new education program that lets students participate directly in the legislative process at the State Capitol via TVW video connection. With Capitol Classroom, students and teachers work closely with lobbyists in Olympia to choose a piece of legislation to support or oppose.
  • Politically based projects like the legislative service-learning  “Olympia Project,” highlighted in Educational Leadership magazine, in which students gather hundreds of petitions to lobby legislators on bills of their own choosing, dramatically increase student achievement. (see article link if available or below)