9. High School Civics

“High School Civics”

There are many superb examples of teachers in our high schools who do super work with civics, both in the social studies and in other disciplines. Further, the internet is loaded with ideas. Integrating civics and current events into the traditional history classes that the District offers is easily done via the use of the Essential Civics Questions and the political spectrum, as well as other approaches.

Keys for high school mirror K-8  and the entire K-12 spectrum:

  • TALK with colleagues and see how you can build intra and inter grade connections and extensions for the work.
  • Develop an intentional plan for the main ideas/concepts you choose to grow through the 9-12 years and build and scaffold it as needed.
  • Remember recursive learning is rich learning, both for the kids who are “getting it” as well as for those who aren’t just yet.
  • Civics is politics and high schoolers can’t wait to develop their political belief system and their civic identity.
  • Elections can and should be infused into social studies classes. Covering the campaigns before voting and reviewing the results afterwards are standard practice in social studies classes that are educating for full citizenship.