Civics for All: 6 Elements


The Civics for All Initiative

Common K-12 Curricular Frameworks, Structures, and Traditions:

  1. Annual mock elections each November, K-12
  2. One New Civics CBA K-12, in each year of social studies; “the elections CBA.” (CBAs are 3 to 7 day “classroom-based assessments”)
  3. Two K-12 Civics Frameworks Banners:
    1. Essential Civics for All Questions – posted in every K-12 classroom
    2. Political Spectrum – posted in all gr: 6-12 social studies classrooms
  4. Media literacy – grade 5-12, especially related to electoral politics and current events
  5. Civics website – updated reg. with shared curriculum, elections lesson plan ideas, current events lessons, links, etc.


View: Kathleen Vasquez Recommendation to SPS Curriculum & Instruction Committee; Feb. 8, 2016